How construction antistatic vinyl flooring

Construction of anti-static vinyl floor, because the demands of anti-static, electrostatic dispersion how construction should be somewhat different than regular vinyl floor construction. Yellow we would like to make note that construction antistatic vinyl flooring as follows:
1. Application:
Floors should be dry, clearance (3mm surface Sale / 3lm).
Concrete floors must be smooth, do not apply the tile floor, wood, cracks, breaks, holes have to be processed.
Sheet vinyl flooring antistatic and glue must be stored at a temperature of 25 ° C. Construction of a 24 hour always at room temperature for at least 48 hours after completion.
Stir well before using the glue.
Scans are intermittent glue on the floor.
To ensure good adhesion, hold time and work 20ph end time feasible 1h
After completion of the spread glue, tile installation according to the benchmark and baseline
Solder joints with depth of about 2/3 the thickness after 48 hours brick.
Use 3 ~ 4 mm welding wire with PVC material, made by skilled workers.
Cut the upper part of the blade weld dedicated
After completing 24 hours, cleaned by conventional detergents
After completing the course, using 80kg rollers are rolling on the floor.
Any dirt and glue residue on the floor to be cleaned before drying
Floors are not exposed directly to the sun, keep the temperature around 30 ° C within 45H
Do not move on the floor until completely hard floors after 48 hours2. Grounding:
WORK mainly used ESD anti-static, should have ground to transmit power to the outside. Grounding method selected by region and intended use
The copper wire must be long enough to ensure good contact with the grounding point
In the absence of grounding copper wire is connected via the system's structural steel frame buildings
3. Maintenance:
Wax is not used on the surface of the floor
Remove sand and harmful to the floor
Came in to be affected by the asphalt, some types of rubber wheels, to avoid burning cigarette
Stains should be cleaned with water and diluted detergent wipe gently with a damp cloth ..