The cost to make the vinyl floor multifunctional sports standards

Hoang Ha (IBT) is a leading company in the field of import vinyl floor for multi-purpose sports stadium in Vietnam for supplying and installing complete construction for the entire stadium versatile indoor including football pitches, badminton courts, tennis courts, table tennis, volleyball courts, ...
Vinyl floor multi-purpose sports stadium for the high-end line of vinyl flooring for multipurpose stadium. Designed according to the features, materials and individual applications for gymnasiums and customize each sport .According to standards and specifications of the floor Indoor sports competitions of international sports federations.
Luxury vinyl floor for multipurpose stadium is factored form commonly used in the world and now in Vietnam is also a very common use.
Vinyl sports floor for multipurpose stadium is widely used in the life and in the construction of living .In multipurpose gymnasiums, multipurpose courts are constructed from the main commercial areas, schools, recreation centers , office, gym ...
Yellow (IBT) provides solutions for multi-purpose sports vinyl flooring for gymnasiums.
Anatomy of vinyl floor for multi-purpose sports stadium

Why you should buy vinyl flooring for gymnasiums sports multifunction Yellow (IBT)?
- IBT is the sales unit in the form of warehousing, import products from manufacturers to customers with the lowest cost and best quality.
I'm not in Hanoi and HCMC, so how can your purchase of the store?
- IBT we ensure the transport of goods super speed and you can send money through banks and we will send the goods to your door. The product you want to buy just finished registering a purchase, we will contact you for delivery in the shortest time.
Purchasing products online by IBT can ensure safe?
- Absolutely safe, when purchased in Yellow (IBT) for your peace of mind and avoid unexpected risks such as late deliveries, shipping the wrong size models. With its strong commitment to hope customers will feel most comfortable when buying from our company.
IBT optimal solution for your floor!
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