Expenses for standard badminton courts

You are in demand as standard badminton courts? You are wondering selected construction units vinyl floor badminton court with the best quality of the cheapest on the market? Come with us Yellow (IBT), a unit specializing in the design, construction, vinyl carpet professional badminton courts nationwide standards. Badminton is a sport a lot of people in all parts of the country by playing favorite simplicity and mobilize body help to exercise effectively. Today, the demand to invest in such instruments play badminton badminton, badminton rackets at home or at the agency are investing heavily. Foreseeing this need, our IBT specializes in providing construction services such as badminton court for leading professional customers across the country. With a team of enthusiastic and experienced we have built a lot of badminton courts in all provinces and cities in Vietnam
The requirements of a standard badminton courts play?
Badminton court now includes two types of golf including:
- Badminton doubles with standard sizes:
+ Length: 13,4m.
+ Width: 6,1m.
+ Yard diagonal length: 14,7m.
- Badminton singles with standard sizes:
+. Length: 13,4m.
+ Width: 5,18m.
+ Yard diagonal length: 14,3m.