Service professional vinyl floor looms IBT

The floor is exposed where most users so always received great interest and relevance of the industry of building materials. The materials used to manufacture floor extremely diverse, depending on the purpose and use functions that are made from:
      - Stone, bricks include: natural stone: marble (granite), marble (marble); Artificial stone; Brick: granito tiles, terrazzo tiles, Granite tiles, ceramic tiles, tiles, glass tiles, brick boat ...;
      - Wood: natural wood flooring, laminate flooring: Wood Veneer, Wood PB - Particle board - chipboard wood chips, Wood MFC - Melamine Faced Chipboard, Wood HDF - High Density fiberboard, PW Wood - POLYWOOD - plywood Wood - Wood paste…
      - Plastic, Vinyl, Star Rubber, Epoxy, PU ...
Floor looms the floor to help you maintain longer, looms and smooth, erase scratches returned to you as a new floor surface.
Here Yellow (IBT) should be sent to the customer process professional vinyl floor looms
- Machinery Tools: warning signs, mops, cotton rabbit, wipes, flooring scrub pad, scrubber, water extraction, high-speed polisher.
- Chemicals: Chemical peeling, adhesive floor looms chemicals, maintenance chemicals Vinyl flooring
- Liquid Vinyl floor looms
1. Clean the surface of vinyl flooring: surface cleaning stage Vinyl flooring is very important in its shadow (Waxing) floor. Clean floor surface will help the floor after a very high gloss coated, increase the aesthetics and durability of coatings ball.
- Requirements: Clean glue, dirt, paint from the surface.
- Perform:
+ Set warning signs are construction area.
+ Phase floor cleaning chemicals in a bucket with water 1:10, who entered with a combined scrubber scrubber pad, scrub the surface layer of dirt on the floor and peeled the old government glue stuck to the surface of the floor.
+ Use a water vacuum sucked dirty water layer.
+ Use mops to wipe the floor with clean water.
+ Wait for the floor to dry naturally.
2. Negative polishers Floor after being cleaned will be covered with polishing and chemical protection floor.
- Requirements: Floors must achieve uniform luster, no scratches rippling lo.-
+ Pour chemical into the car juiced.
+ Use a cotton rabbit repellent chemicals and are coated on the surface of the floor.
+ Wait about 60 minutes for the floor to dry naturally, then continue the 2nd chemical coating.
+ Continue to repeat the 3rd grade chemicals, 4.
+ Wait for the final coating to dry completely and then use high-speed polishing machine (1500 rev / min) combined with maintenance chemicals floor polishes the floor surface making firm, shiny.
before looms after looms
- Coatings are no road markings, stains.
- Chemicals are both coated edges.
- Scratches are filled. no blisters.
- Do not leave stains on the surface of the new government.
- During the construction process that uses water, so the vacuum will cause mild noise does not affect much.
- Do not dust, does not affect the business operations of our customers.
- After completing the work, to ensure quality should put into use after 4 hours is best.