Alternative floor by floor old Korean Hanwha plastic

Over time the floor using old and new users want to make their homes more floor layer, but the cost of replacement is too expensive and time consuming. Plastic floor Hanwha Korea imports is the perfect alternative for replacement because Hanwha plastic floors can be installed directly on the floor quite old but not take much time and cost to peel away layers old wallpaper .

After a period of use, the brick floor, stone will be peeling, scratched surface, this time the floor becomes unattractive old as the house. The users want to replace or new stone floor tile layer must take the cost of removing the old floor layer and installing new flooring. Especially prolonged execution time causing much inconvenience to homeowners.
For Hanwha plastic floor, installation process is made simple and fast because of not having to remove the old flooring. The steps are as follows:
+ Check the floor surface and surface treatment (if the floor is not flat), floor cleaning, floor covering. With checks flooring, construction teams will review the level of the floor is flat, if the floor has some unsatisfactory GE wood technically should be handled by dedicated tools.

One of the outstanding features of Hanwha plastic floor compared to the other materials are easy to replace and install. Especially, if after a period of use, the user wants to replace other types of flooring, it can easily be dismantled without being damaged material as plastic floor flexibility. Therefore, plastic flooring can be reused for other purposes without wasting material.
Yellow (IBT) - one of the importer and distributor of plastic flooring prestige brand in Vietnam with Hanwha plastic floor (South Korea imports) and the plastic flooring IBTfloor (South Korea). Hanwha plastic floor and IBTfloor continuous research and launched several new product lines with multiple colors, different textures brings a rich choice for users.