About plastic floor (vinyl tile)

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Plastic flooring is common in developing countries with the advantages of lightweight, durable and diversified models, also known as plastic floor tiles
Vinyl is very popular in households, shops, offices, hotels ... as an optimum material to replace materials such as ceramic tiles, granite, wood flooring.

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In Vietnam, by the time it appeared not long plastic floor is relatively unfamiliar to many consumers and even the people who work in construction, however, the floor is also has had several plastic types and sizes on the market Vietnam. Plastic floor not only appear in the villas, luxury apartments, but also very consistent with the modest homes of area, these apartments need renovating perennial, office work needs to be built. ..
Plastic flooring on the market are mostly imitate expensive materials such as marble, wood ... and realistic to slice up the floor and it is difficult to distinguish between "genuine" fake plastic flooring material.

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Plastic floor with a material advantage is lightweight, very easy to install. Just a bucket of glue and a few hours that the landlord can slice your finished floor without the need for construction workers.
No fragile plastic floor slippery and easy as ceramic tiles, it is difficult not ignite and cause noise when moving as wooden floors. The good kind of plastic flooring surfaces against scratches coating thickness and good compression strength even higher longevity of traditional materials such as wood floors and stone. When you need to change the floor, is also very simple to put off the old layers of plastic flooring and replace it with a new layer.
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Plastic floor also proven safe for health because inorganic substances not containing toxic and absolutely safe for breathing and exposure.
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Smoking goods on the market is the textured plastic flooring products such as natural wood, when sliced ​​up looked like real wood, the pattern is extremely diverse, ranging from the small timber, industrial wood to oak, sandalwood , long shaggy wood ... are enough.
The downside of plastic floor is not used for outdoor paving and if repeatedly poured water on the surface glue will lose adhesion.
To select the type of quality plastic floor, worthy of pocket to pay attention to the thickness of flexibility and surface protection layer. Good plastic floor surface bends without cracks as plastic floor tiles shoddy good rate by higher resin components are also brick-cheek much stone powder should not resilient. Besides protecting the surface layer (layer of clear plastic on top) is a decisive factor to the durability of plastic flooring, plastic flooring conventional type well layer thickness from 0.2mm surface protection to 0.3mm while poor quality tiles are very thin layers barely visible. Thanks to this protective layer, plastic floor features a scratch-resistant, anti-concave and silver color.