Hoang Ha (IBT),The optimal solution for your floor !

With ambitions to become the leading provider of total solutions of vinyl flooring to give consumers more choices Vietnam on the floor in the civil construction and industrial flooring. JSC Investment and Trade Promotion Yellow (IBT) was born. After 5 years, IBT has become now directly import and export of goods from the factory, the official dealer of well-known firms such as vinyl flooring Hanwha (Korea), Responsive (India), LGHausys (Korea)...
- With the motto of human-centered. First we study and selection of reputable suppliers to bring business people and products best quality VINYL floor.
- Concerned about the purported object used to consulting and installation of scientific products, durable and the most reasonable price.
The Yellow vinyl flooring is distributed in Vietnam
+ Plastic Flooring civil              ==> Customer references here enlightened enlightened
+ Vinyl flooring for hospitals   ==> Customer references here enlightened enlightened
+ Vinyl flooring for sports        ==> Customer references here enlightened enlightened
+ Vinyl flooring for factory       ==> Customer references here enlightened enlightened
- Show IBT can satisfy all of the demand for residential flooring, sports flooring, floor hospital antimicrobial, industrial vinyl flooring ... With direct importer of goods from the manufacturer, we always proactive about sourcing. Besides the human actively. We offer customers the ultimate in vinyl flooring product selection and optimization of construction solutions.
Experiencing 5 years, though not a long period of time Yellow IBT has confirmed its success with the use of vinyl flooring for hospitals, schools, industrial parks, factories ...

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