Construction Guide rolls of vinyl flooring

1. Prepare the surface
- Peel away the old vinyl layer (if any), and sanitary surface. Equilibrium conditions at ± 3 mm within 6 meters per square corners.
- Vinyl flooring must be final construction as all other parts of the building has been completed, to avoid dust and other substances or instruments Statistics on the floor can damage the floor or reduce the functionality of the floor.
- If the air conditioner installation must be completed before one week when installing vinyl flooring
- Premises for Vinyl flooring glued to the floor if not flat-panel TVs can order thick mortar capacity from 2mm - 3mm
- Humidity of the concrete floor is below 25%
- PH of the floor is 10
- The temperature of the concrete floor must be between 18 ° C to 30 ° C and is kept 48 hours before and after installation Vinyl floor
- Below the floor is vinyl coated copper wire conductive system with 3m x 3m specifications.
- 4 corner grounding must be made available before installing vinyl flooring and floor must be 200mm higher
- The floor must be absolutely dry, flat, smooth, hard, solid structure before construction (Concrete Flooring GRADE must reach 100 to 150).
2. Paste the floor
- Select the first set point to paste the floor then proceed Vinyl floor stickers
- Check and clean vinyl floor flat pieces, proceed paste
- Mix the glue (for static flooring adhesive is coated) are coated with 10 minutes on the floor in waves between 2 - 4m2, glue the 2 sides of the copper wire coated throughout the length of the plate

- After the paste using a hammer tap gently on the 2nd floor slabs glued pieces of each piece of road width is 2mm
- Installation of Vinyl floor within 1 hour after the glue. Sheet vinyl floor coverings in mounting position, roll half the width of the plate up, brush the glue evenly on the location of this size. Sheet vinyl floor coverings gradually from the middle towards the edge panels, in order for the air to be squeezed out. Continue these steps for the other half of the sheet vinyl.

- After the paste 40 'using rollers to roll them around 50kg over the entire floor
- Use clean cloth to wipe the entire floor
3. South ron
- If using welding, use welding wire from 3mm - 4mm welding angle is 40 °

- After welding sharp knife pressed to the floor welding residual fraction boiling

4. Improving
- The contoured corners, use the corner molding pieces to cover former and capping strip used to attach pieces onto vinyl wall pieces to dustproof
- At the doors if the seams on the outside and inside is not used pieces Vinyl is attached to the first step to end pieces at seams Vinyl

- After completing the mechanical floor cleaner with a sponge mop same color and for 48 hours before use
- For vinyl flooring is durable, beautiful can wax a protective coating before being put into use: Clean the dust on the vinyl, use a reed instrument fiber / foam, gently push the wax over the entire floor. Allow to dry for 20 ~ 40 minutes, then repeat on the second.