Plastic flooring that affect human health or not?

From 1933, the types of PVC have been incorporated in the US and Germany, but not until 1937, new PVC is produced on an industrial scale in Germany complete and then in America. PVC is used a lot in the field of life, has experienced more than 70 years still no sign of the impact on human health. American PVC were recognized as the product does not affect human health. PVC flooring products are ISO 9001 and is the protection of human health more friendly to the environment.
Long plastic flooring (PVC) is used in many sectors: medicine, construction, food preservation, electric power industry, commodity storage, water treatment, many clients in human life. ..
* Properties of PVC
Bearing + compression, friction, abrasion large
+ Heat and fire spread
+ Do not oxidized
+ Flexibility, not breaking, good insulation
+ Waterproof, UV resistant.