Hanwha plastic floor - Solutions for floors and rotting termite

Wooden Floors concern is where the risk is always top of the dam to a construction made of wooden panels even with solid wood, wood is the favorite dish of termites, where wood is termite slightly to review should it be damaged wooden floor is granted. Daily we struggled to work and how many other things. when you go home to sleep a delicious sleep but must still puzzling over how eradicate termites. How much now to eradicate termites drugs but only for a while termites back again.
To reduce the burden of worry on our customer offering new product lines such as plastic floor Hanwha Korea imports.
The use of plastic floor Hanwha:
- Make lightweight floor for the ground works with any or weak foundation.
- Making the attic floor, mezzanine floor replacing laminate flooring, carpets.
- Wall cladding, tiles for decoration, floor coverings, floor karaoke, floor offices, cafes, amusement parks .....
Advantages of Hanwha plastic floor compared to other products:
Anti-slip, scratch-resistant, fire-water xuot.chiu etc ...
-Use A long time without fading or distortion.
-No Contain hazardous substances or odors affect the health of consumers.
 Protect the health of consumers in terms of hot or cold weather.
Bacteria do not grow on the surface, so it is suitable for installation in hospitals, child care, housing and laboratories.
 -Other For the drawbacks of natural wood flooring, such as warping, scratches, water repellency, odor and mold.
-Very Easy installation and replacement extremely quick.
Pattern diversity, lifelike, accurate dimensions so easy selection and installation.
Consists of 6 classes
Genre carpet, ceramic, wood, leather, metal, stone, marble, granite ... to create relief effects vein textures, UV shielded blurred limited, fiberglass layer to avoid shrinkage .
-Easy Installation and maintenance, anti-scratch, stain, excellent durability and good wear resistant, fireproof, waterproof and non-porous, non-reactive chemicals, no clues, weight-bearing, structural : UV layers, wear layers, layer printed film.
Environmentally friendly
Hanwha plastic floor guaranteed not contain plasticizers that release volatile organic compounds (VOC). It also limits the toxic substances bound to the surface. In addition, particles having antimicrobial surface invalidate the infection when exposed floor.
Laboratory test comparing levels of formaldehyde emissions
With the traditional wood flooring, laminated flooring laminnated, plywood plywood flooring plastic floor Hanwha show results superior to other floors, while the level of formaldehyde emissions laminated floor or plywood floor high threshold 1.2mg / l, traditional wood floors emissions 0.6mg / l, the Hanwha plastic floor does not emit any formaldehyde.
Along with the antimicrobial nanosilver particles, particles of plastic floor floor Hanwha become environmentally friendly.
A common concern for all the floor is durability. With all Hanwha flooring products, you can rest assured that your floor will pass the test of time. Control technology ensures that high quality all kinds of tiles are scratch resistant, anti-cracking, anti-damage caused by collisions. Hanwha premium vinyl tiles are secured to any area with a lot of people traveling. In addition, senior Hanwha vinyl tiles with a special UV coating on the surface to create a new feeling of plastic floor, even when exposed to direct sunlight.
Laboratory test damaged
Rub sandpaper is the type of floor surface 1000, Hanwha plastic floor surfaces virtually unchanged while the traditional wood flooring, laminated flooring and laminated damaged, scratched, lost the ball clear.
Experiments with iron ball deformation test
Drop the ball from a height of 50cm 1kg, 100cm Hanwha plastic floor, Laminated flooring and traditional wood floors, plastic floors Hanwha distortion or modification, while the other floor is deformed or serious subsidence
Sound insulation
One of the other advantages of Hanwha flooring products are good sound absorption from the different floors. It can block noise better than conventional flooring materials.
Experiment soundproof floor
Hanwha plastic floors absorb sound better than other floor. Sounds normal through the other floors to 75 dB, through Hanwha floor sound-absorbing 55 dB.
Since Hanwha flooring products do not contain plasticizers, deformation due to changes in temperature or humidity occurs. The contraction or dilation of the material is very minimal.
Deformation experiments under moisture
The experiment was carried out when the slab dipped in water, after 5-10-15-20 minutes, Hanwha floor no distortion, while multi-layer Laminated floor was warped, significant blistering.
Self flooring
Hanwha flooring products are easy to slice and can be done by even novice users. We recommend using water-based adhesives can be purchased from any local store sales yet. Hanwha flooring, you can change and re-use of materials at any time when you need to move from one place to another. Since Hanwha floor is suitable for self-moment, you do not need to vacate the place in the process of flooring installation when you want to upgrade or renovate a location.
Easy maintenance
Anti-pollution effects as easy cleaning and floor maintenance, help better health. No dust cement or mortar on the road.
Clean the ink laboratory markers
Hanwha floor after cleaning, stain markers disappear completely while the other multi-layer laminated floor, ink markers are still fuzzy.
- Save time and cost of construction