Plastic flooring - new construction material for the demanding requirements

Plastic floor only introduced into our country in recent years about the level of construction accompany economic development. There are many works have stricter requirements and the requirements of the different elements of features such as anti-static flooring, materials with many good features and suitable for many projects.


Plastic flooring has many types, colors varied: Van wood, stone pattern, colored tiles, and the special color that only new plastic floor.


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+ Plastic Floors 1 lightweight material is easy to install, the change is also very easy to remove the old floor layer to replace the new floor.
+ Plastic Flooring not fragile, surface treated for slip resistance, reduced noise when moving. The lifespan of a very high resin floor can be up to 15 years and still remain beautiful colors, thanks to the protective layer is located on layer transparent coloring. Plastic floor not catch fire, do not fire spread, waterproof, can withstand compressive forces very well.
+ Is the AROMA plastic flooring ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited AROMA plastic flooring products are to protect the health and environment, no harmful substances when used.
+ Because plastic floor quite popular on the market today so inevitably there will be poor-quality products. So to know when buying plastic flooring products, customers need to pay attention to the following characteristics

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         The cover catton trademarks of the companies with big brands well known.

- When bending the product is not cracked, not broken texture of the product. For the plastic floor plate will automatically elastic and revert to the original, as well has many plastic products, made on modern lines are combined classes to create excellent sustainability of the product .
- When looking at the plastic floor LG hausys transparent surface layer has a thickness of 0.3 to 0.7mm can be seen.
- The color diversity, so many categories and each category has different features to meet each one works with the demands and requirements of special crystals such as aesthetics, noise, smooth legs , Waterproof…