Conductive vinyl floor tiles antistatic

1. Structure is an artificial material is composed of the main components:
- Plastic (PVC primeval, renewable)
- Carbon fiber - Additives: create solid, scratch-resistant, flexible ...
- Meal stone and other additive components
2. Specification
- In sheets (rolls), regular size: 20m long x 2m wide x thickness 2 - 3 mm
- Tablet (plate), common size 600x600x2-3mm; 608x608x2-3mm
3. Classification of electrostatic vinyl depending on the technical requirements of specific jobs that use appropriate electrostatic vinyl. Based on the resistance, antistatic Vinyl is divided into 02 categories electrostatic vinyl:
- Anti-static (conductive) with resistance from 104≤Rt≤106
- Distributed static (dissipative) with resistance from 106≤Rt≤108

As the floor lining materials antistatic features. This type of flooring is often used a lot in the ground requires high technology, minimizing the release of magnetic energy charge.
Conductive predefined Tile
In the field in which we are living, reporters always integrated power, activities, face usually can not see it see it as something normal. However, in the manufacturing sector, the release area is extremely dangerous power. Can cause fires, explosions, in the factories, mills, factories producing. This is extremely dangerous demands that we must have a plan to prevent the release of this highly charged. Prevents static electricity is something required in the field of production. Therefore, in order to secure the production, use IBT Tile Floors Conductive floor is best guaranteed.
Conductive Floor Tile brands in the world.
In the world there are so many brands produce conductive mat, esd flooring, anti static tiles ... Such as LG Hausys Pulse, ESD WORK, HK (Korea), GERFLOR (Germany), Polyflor (Malaysia), Tarkett (Sweden Sweden), IBT floor (Vietnam) ... lots and lots. Each product has a unique character and of course its own costs. He does his expensive than other, more expensive brother numbness he that ... is indisputable. However, what brand oil prices are, they all have a place only and only the basic properties that are: Purpose and purposes the same requirements and the same are: anti-static. And just more expensive brand severance money
Public Yellow (IBT) proudly presents Conductive Floor Tile floor IBT to the Vietnamese market. We have studied very carefully and make good products OEM production antistatic, esd tile, anti static, our conductive tiles with standards and specifications of LG Hausys Pulse and ESD WORK. These products are posted on our website or &
Conductive Floor Tile floor IBT produced by factory ESD WORK, HK (Korea) and some other factories of China. These plants have been produced for LG and other brands. Strategy should matter is incontrovertible.
Conductive floor is used more, the product is easy to tile sheets packed, moved and assembled in the construction process. There are also a number of conductive vinyl floor rolls (sheet), such as: GERFLOR, Responsive, Polyflor, Tarkett ... but on the industrial sector, factory, then we should use the line: LG Hausys, Anti Static floor IBT and ESD is the best work.
With more than 05 years experience introducing conductive flooring, tile floor covering antistatic, anti static vinyl tiles in the Vietnamese market, we are very experienced in the field of consultancy, supply and construction and installation of conductive flooring in the fields of industry, health, education and trade.
Please choose products antistatic conductive Our tile for your project. At any time, when the project was formed, you need a professional supplier of conductive floor tiles, we are committed to the eternal values ​​of conductive floor tile and panels are not nice to you, to and also the meaning and importance of high quality.
Should choose eight conductive flooring in all your projects.